2009-06-24 18:05:08 by Yeidemay

I AM SO NERVOUS!!!!.....look if anybody wants to date me or anything im sorry O-Oim just nervous thats all....yeah...and if anybody wants to chat with me or anything please just please tell me you have an youtube account...THATS THE ONLY PLACE I FEEL COMFTREBLE TO CHAT....sry im having an nervous break down.....I>NEED>SOMETHING>OR>SOMEONE>T O>CALM>ME!!!!

if you dont mind im going to put an video here 2kbA">Anime couples-Waves AMV
ahh i lobe that chears me




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2009-06-24 19:13:22

I clicked it and it said this, "The URL contained a malformed video ID."


2010-06-21 07:42:56

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